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Jan 29, 2013 4:00pm PST
by their leader mohammed morsi. here is more on that story. >> violence on the anniversary of one of the bloodiest days of the egyptian revolution. the tear gas was so intense it covered downtown cairo with plume of smoke. protesters are still angry with a police force that still has not changed it's ways and has not pulled back, and pulled a journalist hostage until activists were able to take him to hospital. the mean opposition blocked the president's invite. >> cenk: so we've had riots, 52 people killed. we had 178 arrested recently. those are protesters. now the curfew, and the basically marshal law affects three provinces in egypt. it is a nightly curfew and allows for military arrests of civilians. these are exactly the civil rights that they fought for. there was an attack for three state hours and no security showed up. that is fascinating. they sent out tweets saying sos if anyone knows anyone in military or police or government please send help. january 28th, egypt but no such help was sent for over three hours. in fact, they were eventually rescued by protesters. isn't that interesting
Jan 12, 2013 3:00pm PST
, people are really upset with president mohamed morsi and wanted the cancellation of the referendum. this is not -- what we're seeing right now is not really popular among the people. if you go outside of tahrir square, most people say it should be opened and functioning again, the heart of the city. but again, there are still a lot of people that are upset with the president. >> reporter: so these folks here, in these tents's these are the opposition to president morsi? >> yes, a lot of them are the opposition, but they don't make up all the opposition. a lot of the opposition makes up poor and wealthy people. >> reporter: along the graffiti, it tells another story. i took a walk with a guide here in cairo. let's take a little walk down all this graffiti. tell us what we're seeing over here. >> well, you know one of the key demands of the revolution was to clean up the police. because of the criminal activity of the police and the nefarious activities involved. so here you see the police are still criminal. so they have not restructured the interior yet. you still have massacres an
Jan 28, 2013 4:00am PST
: good morning. egypt's president mohamed morsi delivered a stern and angry warning in an address to the nation. the president declared a state of emergency in three of the country's largest cities in the eastern particular partly suez. he's also imposing a curfew to try to help restore security in those cities that have seen the most intense fighting. the military has been deployed in some of those cities and asking for more power. the ability to arrest civilians. that's is going ring alarm bells among many human rights activists. here in cairo protests continued for a fourth straight night between riot police and demonstrators bent on trying to get president mohamed morsi to resign from power and more importantly cancel a constitution that's been widely considered as controversial. nonetheless the president is pushing ahead with meetings today in the presidential palace. he's expected to meet with leading members of the political opposition. members of the political opposition said they will not participate in any negotiations unless there's a genuine commitment from president m
Dec 31, 2012 6:30pm PST
against the u.s. dollar despite financial authorities tried to hold it from sliding. mohamed morsi expects that it will stabilize. >> political turmoil has sent worried egyptian scrambling to change their currency into pounds and dollars. they are imposing controls on how much cash can physically be carried out of the country. >> the latest attempt to stabilize the currency has had little impact on it slide. beside reserves in its currency auction, the egyptian pound falling to a new low. the currency have been losing value since the unrest began. two major factors are a drop in tourism and in foreign investment. many egyptians fear their cash will continue to fall in value causing a run on a changing the pound for dollars or euro. president mohamed morsi says it should stabilize soon and the central bank is warning they could run out of central bank currency reserves. egypt is still waiting for an imf aid package. >> we hope the talks with the international monetary fund will continue in january. the government will ask for a resumption in loan negotiations. >> until then, the central ban
Jan 27, 2013 3:30pm PST
the biggest challenge yet toz mohamed morsi's government. let's go to cairo for the latest. >> reporter: it is mohamed morsi's biggest test as president of this country. on one hand, an increasing security vacuum across the country, on the other, a political crisis with the country's political parties. tonight, in an address to the nation, he delivered a strong warping. even burying the dead in egypt is now deadly. today in port sayyid, a day after 37 people were killed in protests, thousands walked to mourn them. the grief and prayer turned into fear and chaos. this amateur video, which we couldn't independently ver, if i reportsedly shows the moment the clashes with police turned deadly. meantime, as thousands mourned in port said, others fought in cairo, alexandria and suez. tonight, the country's embattled president, mohamed morsi, addressed the nation, declaring a state of emergency and imposing a curfew in the cities with the worst fighting. the country's powerful military is back on the street guarding government buildings recently attacked by protesters. and the military wants m
Jan 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
cities for the first time since president mohamed morsi came into office. but that didn't slow down protesters in cairo. we've gotten word there are protests taking place outside of the parliament building so we're heading in that direction. all along the way on the side streets we've taken to get to the front lines because of the police barricades there are dozens of protesters walking in the same direction. this is how quickly a situation goes from being a calm protest to an explosive and potentially violent one. here emotions are running high. young men chanting against the government. and the muslim brotherhood. they accuse them of betraying egypt's revolution. their anger often turns violent once they see the police. we made it to the front lines of the clashes between the protesters and police. this is a government building set on fire as a result of the clashes. it is this type of chaos that has many people across the country extremely afraid of the volatile situation. one that has plunged egypt into deeper turmoil two years after its unfinished revolution. against the backdr
Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
president mohamed morsi coming up in the next hour. i asked him why supposedly free and democratic egypt, three of his most prominent critics are now being investigated for treason. you're going to want to hear what he has to say on that, the plight of christian cops living in egypt coming up in the next hour. >>> up next, vice president joe biden says they can bypass congress, the obama administration, and act on gun control by the president issuing executive orders. but is that a good idea? our strategy session is next. >>> just coming in, more information about the obama cabinet during this second term. cnn has just learned that at least three more members of the cabinet have decided to stay, including the attorney general eric holder, the secretary of veterans affairs eric shenseky and kathleen sebelius. all three of them will stay in the cabinet but there's a lot of movement as we've been reporting, as you know. joining us, cnn contributor, paul begala and david frum, a former white house speechwriter under george h.w. bush. first of all, this is not a surprise, paul, that there's a
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
. people were really upset with president mohamed morsi and wanted the cancellation of the referendum. this isn't really what -- what we're seeing right now isn't really popular amongst the people. if you go outside tahrir square, most people say the square should be open and functioning again, it's the heart of the city. but there are still a lot of people upset with the president and we're seeing -- >> so these folks here in these tents, these are the opposition to president morsi? >> yeah, a lot of them are the opposition but they don't make up a lot of the opposition. it ranges from poor people to wealthy people. >> all right. so we're you can walking around tahrir square and obviously i remember when i was here, i guess it must have been -- that was two years ago right after mubarak fell. i came here with hillary clinton and she just walked right in and it was very upbeat, it was very confident, everyone was pleased with what was going on. there seemed to be an unusually euphoric attitude but it's changed dramatically since then. >> it has changed. the country is deeply divided b
Jan 29, 2013 2:00am PST
this morning. angry anti-government protests raged on through the night despite president mohamed morsi's 30-day curfew. they took to the streets where they clashed with police and disrupted rail service. at least 38 people including civilians and soldiers have been killed in egypt over the past two days. cnn's ben wedeman joins us live from cairo today. ben, good morning to you. just how widespread are these protests? >> reporter: basically we had large protests in cairo and the three cities along the suez canal, port said, suez, and ismailia. here it appears they're taking a few hours off. in the city of the suez canal, where that 0-day 9:00 pchl curfew was imposed, we're getting reports that in response to the curfew, thousands of people have gone out into the streets overnight, and, in fact, in port said, there was a very large football game staged there where thousands of people attended. so there's a good deal of continuing resistance to the orders of the government of president mohamed morsi, people not happy with his handling of the situation at all. he's been harshly criticized by m
Jan 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
morrissey -- mohammed morsi and his muslim brotherhood. he announced a state of emergency in three areas. >> they have asked all egyptians to express themselves peacefully. >> on monday, cairo saw yet more street battles between protesters and street forces -- security forces. tension is high after the weekend cost deadly violence. the situation has been further polarized -- the weekend's deadly violence. the situation has been further polarized by the state of emergency. dozens of people were killed. president mohammed morrisse -- t morsi gave the soldiers power to arrest citizens. he made a plea for active -- national dialogue, but said he will protect public and private property. demonstrators took to the streets elsewhere in egypt on monday. imports i need, hundreds ignored -- import -- in port said, hundreds ignored the curfew. >>, chrissie in egypt will only work through dialogue. only -- >> democracy in egypt will only work through dialogue. >> right now, there is no sign of that. first, morsi must accept responsibility for the latest lead shed. >> -- bloodshed. >> the opposition
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
. in an effort to calm the situation, egyptian president mohammed morsi declared marshall law in three cities. angering supporters and opponents alike. >> "he came out, mohammed morsi, and instead of condemning the bloodshed, he had emergency -- [ inaudible ] that the muslim brotherhood were fighting again." >> in a tv address sunday night, morsi defended temporary emergency law. which is eerily similar to the one imposed on the egyptians during the three tect rule. former strong man hosni mubarak. >> to end the bloodshed, to have security against vandals. and for the perception of citizens, i have decided after referring to the constitution to announce imposing of the state of emergency. >> stagnant economy in a divided political environment, egyptians are frustrated with the slow pace of reforms. increasing theyly complain morsi and the ruling muslim brotherhood party halftimeed thhijackedrevolution and are img islamic dictatorship. >> morsi called on the opposition to engage in national dialogue. the offer was quickly rejected leave nothing clear route to ending the turmoil. bret? >> bret:
FOX News
Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
the remaining parts of the deal to morsi, exactly who he's dealing with, mohammed morsi is a muslim brotherhood member, a 9/11 truther, called the israelis descendents of apes and pigs and called them vampires and killers and stands with the palestinians and told an iranian news agency he'll reconsider the camp david accord and pushed through a sharia focused constitution and one more thing, mr. president, he called you a liar and america the enemy. here with the reaction of the troubling story former new york mayor rudy guiliani. you know the first questions that come to my mind are, why would anyone give these planes when they likely will be used to attack israel? >> it's hard to figure out exactly what else they could be used for. explain to me where egypt is threatened. egypt is not threatened by saudi arabia, egypt is not threatened by iran. egypt is not threatened by russia, china, the united states. what conceivable reason would they have for these jets other than to do something to protect themselves theoretically against israel or to help iran in some kind of action against israel, con
Jan 6, 2013 11:30am PST
egyptian president, mohammed morsi what he thinks the next step should be when it comes to syria. here's part of the interview. >> translator: the syrian people with its revolution government, the bloodshed stud stop. they move to a new state. they have an independent parliament and government according to will and then they decide what they want it's the syrian people who should decide. >> watch the full interview on "the situation room" this week. >>> and a tense situation today along the india/pakistan border. at least one pakistani soldier has died in the conflict that's flared up in the kashmir region. i spoke to our produce anywhere pakistan earlier and she is saying that indian troops crossed into pakistani territory. >> as far as the pakistani military is concerned, they have reacted in the sense that they have obviously made this public. apparently according to a pakistani military official, the two countries have hot lines set up between them, that includes the military as well as the diplomatic officers and those conversations are expected to happen in the coming days. >>> t
Comedy Central
Jan 16, 2013 11:30pm PST
, it has been revealed that our new friend egyptian mohammed morsi once called jews blood suckers as well as the descendants of apes and pigs. [ laughter ] it takes all kinds. let's see here, according to a study published in the journal of health psychologist people who suppress their anger die younger than people who don't. thank god i don't have to smile anymore. now can i be angry again and that makes me so happy. who know who i'm most happy to be angry at, folks? the people angry at our banks. i'm not the only one who feels this way. >> everyone goes the evil banks. it's time to stop demonizing banks. >> stephen: yes, stop demonizing the banks. they've not destroyed the world's economy for over four years. the attacks keep coming. hsbc targeted bay justice department witch hunt over a few minor infractions. >> hsbc admitted today that it covered up illegal transactions for burma, iran, sudan, cuba and libya. those nations were under banking sanctions because of human rights atrocities, terrorism or in iran's case, a nuclear program. >> stephen: big deal. [ laughter ] it's not like hs
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
. >>> egyptian president mohammed morsi declared a state of emergency in parts of his country after a waeeekend marre by violence. at least 49 people have been killed in fighting with security forces. he imposed a nightly curfew for the next two months. protesters have been marking two years since the uprising led to the overthrew of mubarak. saying he brought in a constitution that favors islamists and has failed to improve the economy. a riot on saturday in the northern city left 30 people dead. the court handed down death sentences for 21 people on their involvement last year in a deadly soccer match. resident say security forces contributed to the violence instead of bringing the situation under control. >>> thousands of refugees fled myanmar during the regime. as democratization takes root in the country, many are planning to go back home. now the japanese government is stepping in to help their return. >> reporter: representatives of a thai and japanese government met at the japanese embassy in bangkok on monday. they signed an agreement to run a training program for refugees who are curr
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
. president mohamed morsi appointed a new transport minister this month to overhaul the railway system. >>> executives at japanese manufacturing firms are starting to get excited. economic conditions could be tilting in their favor. ai uchida joins us now from the business desk. so ai, what's changing for manufacturers? >> catherine, it could be the weakening yen. you might remember it started to weaken last november. japanese government officials just released data for that month that showed that companies are investing in more equipment for themselves. it's machinery orders, a key economic indicator on corporate capital spending. officials say machinery orders in november rose for a second straight month. cabinet officials said on wednesday major machinery makers received over $8 billion worth of domestic orders in november 2012. now, that's up nearly 4% from the previous month in yen terms. the figure excludes orders in the volatile ship building and power plant sectors. orders from manufacturers grew by almost 4%. those from non-manufacturers also rose more than 6%. and let's now g
Jan 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
with protesters. many of them angry at the slow pace of transition to democracy under the leadership of mohamed morsi and his muslim brotherhood party. they say they have taken over the country and divided it. you were here two years ago. you saw the unity egyptians had during those 18 days that toppled the former dictator who hosni mubarak. many demand the revolution continue. they say it has been thwarted by the islamists and that's why they're taking back to the streets. the clashes have been intense. seven people have been killed. more than 250 injured in clashes across the country. the police using that tear gas and rubber bullets to try to keep the protesters at bay. they have been firing back with petrol bombs and stones. it's a very intense and volatile situation marking this second anniversary of the revolution. brian? >> a yman mohyeldin after a rough night in cairo. thanks. >>> back in this country in washington today, thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators marched to the steps of the supreme court, protesting the landmark decision that legalized abortion. annual march for life as
Jan 28, 2013 4:30am PST
into those crowds of protesters. current president, mohamed morsi, declaring a state of emergency late last night warning he would not hesitate to take more action to try to shut down that violence. protesters now accusing morsi of trying to monopolize power. >>> secret hearings into the chandra levy murder case. there was a 2010 conviction in the case. a jury found him guilty of killing her after attacking her on a washington, d.c. park trail back in 2001. prosecutors had used testimony from a jailhouse informant who claimed that he confessed to the murder. the next hearing set for february 7th. >>> nearly three months after the megastorm hit the northeast, victims of hurricane sandy now about to get much needed relief. later on today the senate voting on the long delayed disaster aid package. the $50 billion plus bill was passed by the house of representatives last week. senate democrats have been trying to keep the republican minority from using a filibuster but the relief package is expected to pass when it gets voted on. >>> also today, republicans and democrats are set to announce a m
Jan 29, 2013 4:00am PST
at police who fired tear gas there. they defied demonstrators president mohamed morsi's order. >>> turkish leaders said an american woman missing in that country for a week also took several side trips outside of the country visiting munich and amsterdam. the woman's family said she kept in touch with them throughout her trip until she vanished. her husband and brother are in turkey to join that search. >>> barbara walters is still in a hospital in new york, and it turns out that she has the chickenpox. which is very rare for an 83-year-old, but not life threatening. walters was originally treated after she fell and hit her head at the inauguration party. >>> queen beatrix of the netherlands will step down after 33 years on the throne. she's abdicating so her son crown prince willem-alexander can become the first king in more than one century. and she can be there to watch that. >>> iran says it successfully launched a rocket containing a monkey into earth orbit and brought it safely back. but the u.s. said it cannot confirm whether that monkey actually ever went into space. and expressed
Jan 10, 2013 5:30am PST
is in egypt to discuss the conflict in syria. will also hold talks with president mohamed morsi. cold weather also making life even tougher for the thousands of syrians living in northern iraq. but despite the suffering and hardship, many refugees are finding it a place of opportunity. >> cold, tired, and waiting to register as refugees. they are the latest to arrive in the kurdish region of northern iraq some are too scared to talk. others are too young to understand why they left syria. this camp is home to syrian kurds, and their numbers are .xpanding durin his family is glad to have found shelter here. he said violence and insecurity forced him to leave his home. his wife will not return to syria unless president bashar al-assad is gone. >> i don't think we will go back if he remains in public. he used all kinds of weapons against the people. he became like a bloody monster. we cannot go back to live under his mercy. >> do you and repeat the agency is finding it difficult to deal with the growing number of refugees. about 30,000 syrian refugees live in this camp. that number is increasing
Jan 27, 2013 2:00pm PST
a court handed down sentences to a group of football fans. president mohamed morsi is due to address the nation later on sunday. >> chaos in hospitals against. that injured men and women, young and old. this woman screams, in god we take solace. the nurse asks why this injustice? some had to be laid before because the hospital is full. these victims were injured in a funeral procession for the men who died when violence broke out after 21 people were had the death sentences over last year's football tragedy. nearly everyone in port said says the trials were politicized. the protests have turned against the president. suddenly, comes shots were heard and the police responded with teargas. >> these people died to spare all of egypt and now you want to kill their families. we tell the president we helped you get elected. we are the grandchildren of people who fought against the 1966 invasion. we sacrifice their youth for this country for generations. >> we always pay the place -- we always pay the price with our blood and with their children. why? >> it's not clear where the gun shots t
Jan 28, 2013 5:30am PST
the table? >> that is the key question. mohammed morsi has set a time, 6:00 this evening, and 11 political movements have been invited. now a few have indicated that they will be attending these talks as the opposition national salvation front is deciding at the moment whether or not it will attend. there has been a call for national dialogue in the past. they have been rejected, generally. what we do have as well as a number of organizations and movements invited to today's talks, with free conditions being set amongst the preconditions. one of them being that president morsi and his government have -- be the first to accept the violence that has been seen over the last five days. it is unknown who will be attending and how representative the grouping of opposition forces will be sitting down across the table from the president. >> it is quite interesting that the three cities that he has targeted for these emergency launches, he is clearly concerned about the economic impact this is having on the country. >> that is one of the many things being speculated in the wake of this specific dec
Jan 29, 2013 4:30am EST
molotov cocktails to police who fired tear gas. they defied demonstrators of to mohamed morsi. >>> turk ishg leaders said an american woman missing in that country for a week also took several side trips outside of the country visiting munich and amsterdam. her husband and brother are in turkey to join the search. >>> barbara walters is still in a hospital in new york, and it turns out that she has the chickenpox. which very rare for an 83-year-old but not life threatening. walters was recently treated after she fell and hit her head. >>> queen beatrice of the netherlands will step down after 30 years on the throne. she's abdicating so her son can be the first king in the country. >>> iran says it successfully launched a rocket containing a monkey into earth orbit and brought it safely back. but the u.s. said they cannot confirm whether or not the monkey actually went into space or that iran ace technology could be used for a nuclear program. >>> and incredible images of our closest neighbor in space, the andromeda. they captured the stunning pictures showing pictures in the red areas n
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
for that with mohammed morsi a few weeks ago. every indication from the white house is that they will be trying to work on iran and the crisis brewing there. also the crises in syria and somalia. there are tons of places where they realize they have to look out words. >> what about these problems? gun-control, which has thrown itself back onto the agenda with that terrible shooting report christmas. the congressional fight will be tough. >> there is a reason there has been next to no gun reform in almost 20 years. it is so hard to get anything through congress in terms of gun control. really, i think that these executive actions might be the only thing that he can do. >> you think of the great abraham lincoln binding the nation's wounds, nothing to fear but fear itself, jfk, etc., etc.. will he be looking for that sound bite? >> they always do, but it is always the thing that never expect. for example, from jfk was his motto, something he'd turned into for the country. it is not the kind of phrase did you expect come back later. >> think you ever so much. george, back to you in london. >> thank you ver
Jan 28, 2013 7:00am EST
or desperation? mohammed morsi has imposed a monthlong state of emergency. his opponents have been invited to talks later today, talking about the strongarm dictatorship tactics. many say they're still waiting for the new dawn that they were promised. we talk now to our correspondent from cairo, from the financial times of egypt. can you clear up one thing for me? ,his violence in the city's that is where the curfew has been in " -- impose. the canal violence was about a verdict over football violence. have they now merged, do you think? >> i think that these things are an expression of how far the political situation in egypt has deteriorated over the conditions of three years ago. both are expressions of discontent with these institutions and a widespread state about to erupt. mohammad morsi is seen by the people as having been very focused on consolidating his power since he became president, and consolidating his group of muslim brotherhood members. and that perhaps he has not built and of confidence. >> that could well account for some of what we have seen in the square, someone else
Jan 27, 2013 9:00pm CST
mohamed morsy has imposed a curfew in three cities. it follows rioting sparked by death sentences handed down to 21 people involved in violence that left dozens dead at a soccer match last year. morsi imposed the 9 p-m to 6 a- m curfew in port said.. where 38 people were killed in the weekend rioting.. and in the cities of suez and ismailia near the suez canal. egyptian security forces regained control today of port said.. closing roads in and out of the city, and taking control of government buildings, banks and courts. the hacker group "anonymous" claims it took over the u-s sentencing commission's website this weekend to protest the prosecution of internet activist aaron swartz. the f-b-i is investigating. aaron swartz committed suicide earlier this month.. as he was waitingto stand trial on charges of illegally downloading millions of academic journal articles. in a video, "anonymous" said swartz took his own life because he was faced with "an impossible choice." a large-scale rescue operation in arizona has paid off for dozens of hikers. raging floodwaters in a national forest trapp
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am EST
political opposition to mohamed morsi? >> here is the thing, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction that the changes that were promised during the revolution have not come to fruition. but also the opposition, it feels, does not have a clear strategy about to take things forward except to take to the streets. people hitting the streets for all kinds of things. when people disagreed with a judgment or ruling in the football right case, people took to the streets. when they oppose president morsi, they take to the streets as well. it sounds crass to talk like this when people are dying, but it is a really interesting time in egypt in terms of how it develops and how people get the idea of democracy, if you like. on the one hand, you have an elected president but there is a perception he is only helping his own. and you have an opposition whose only clear strategy appears to be don't engage with the president and let's just going and hitting the streets until he steps down. but how long can egypt carry on doing that? >> thank you very much. one of the cities where there is an evening a
Jan 26, 2013 11:00pm EST
people were killed in protests against egyptian president mohamed morsi. >>> much of the country stuck in a deep freeze after a mild start to winter. chicago got the first inch of snow in almost a year on friday. tomorrow, ice could lead to travel delays and power outages in the midwest. southern states have been bath battling winter weather from tennessee to the carolinas. streets and sidewalks were coated in ice and snow and we got out of the deep freeze around the washington area today. boy are we in for a roller coasr the next week. kim martucci is in the weather center with a preview for us. >> jim, it only took 108 hours to get above freezing since midnight last tuesday. that's how long we were below freezing. at noon we ticked up to 33. happy to say we managed a high of 37 this afternoon. at this late hour, temperatures are easing back down in to the 20s. right now we're 30 but 21 gaithersburg, 23 frederick and 29 la plata. everyone is in the 20s tonight. not as cold as where we have been but a chilly start to your sunday morning. our snow shower activity has winded down. we ha
Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >>> elsewhere, jips president mohamed morsi declaring a month-long state of emergency in three cities today. the president head that annou e announcement in a televised address. it comes after several days of violence that left more than 45 people dead in cairo. protesters upset with morsi continued to clash with police in tahrir square. and in port said four more people killed at the funeral for the victims of a deadly riot yesterday. a nighttime curfew will be in place starting tomorrow night. >>> here at home now, police in college park investigating after two university of maryland students were robbed in less than 12 hours today. darcy spencer is live there tonight with more on what happened and the latest on the investigation for us. darcy? >> reporter: jim, just within the last few minutes prince george's county police released some mug shots of men arrested in connection with one of the incidents. 17-year-old samuel chicas and 15-year-old benjamin chicas and 20-year-old edgar hernandez. all three men live in liverdari. they have been arrested and charged with a restaurant robbery e
Jan 28, 2013 4:00am EST
town. the foam was nearly 9 feet high in some arias. >>> mohamed morsi declares a state of merge and curfews in three cities. more than 50 people have died since thursday. the latest unrest was touched off when 21 defendants involved in a soccer riot were sentenced to death. president obama is giving praise to secretary of state hillary clinton. she's about to leave his cabinet and now he calls his one time rifle one of his dloeftest advisers. the two talkeden working together and they talkeden her political future. >> for us to be able to wind down one war, to be on the path of ending a second war, to do that in a way that honors the enormous sacrifices our troops have made, to sustain the pressure on al qaeda and trifrt organizations so that not only did we avoid a significant terrorist attack on the home land but we were able to dismantle al qaeda. that's all the consequence of great work that hillary did and the state didn't did in conjunction with our national security team. >> i have to ask you, what's the date of expiration on then doorsment. >> oh, steve, i know. >> i hav
FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 9:00pm PST
's current president mohammed morsi has come out and made such comments as this it. >> >> all right. should we really be arming this guy with fighters jets and american tanks? now, i wonder if any this have is going to come up tomorrow when secretary of state hillary clinton heads to capitol hill to talk about benghazi attacks that killed an american ambassador and three others in september. and two of the lawmakers who will be able to ask secretary clinton tough questions that need to be asked, senator barrasso and. this is 2010, senator barrasso, this is mohammed morsi guy saying things like america is enemies, the israelis are blood suckers, war mongers, descendents of apes and pigs, he said that about two years ago and now we're going to give him f-16 fighters jets and give him tanks on top of the 1.5 billion dollars we're giving the former head of the muslim brotherhood. help me out, senator, that sounds really dumb. >> i just returned from israel and from afghanistan, john mccain and kelly ayotte and other senators who just returned from visiting in egypt with morsi to discuss these v
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Jan 25, 2013 4:00pm PST
cities today. protesting the government of muslim brotherhood president mohammed mohammed morsi. the protesters say that morsey has done nothing to fix the mess of the egyptian economy. and he has also rewritten the constitution in outright power grab. to them, the protesters, nothing has changed in the past two years except swap ago secular dictatorship for a religious one. former state department under secretary nicholas once says this is a situation the u.s. has to watch very carefully. listen. >> not only is there this divide between the new government dominated by the muslim brotherhood and old regime of president mubarak and many of his officials are still in place. but the islamic forces are also in disarray. there are challenges to president mohammed morsi from his right. even more radical factions. of islamic movement. there is cause for concern about continued instability, the lack of economic growth and egypt. the u.s. has a strong relationship with egypt and its government has stood by its peace treaty, crucially with israel. skeptics would add to that for now. >> ac
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Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
are also in disarray. there are challenges to president mohammed morsi from his right. even more radical factions. of islamic movement. there is cause for concern about continued instability, the lack of economic growth and egypt. the u.s. has a strong relationship with egypt and its government has stood by its peace treaty, crucially with israel. skeptics would add to that for now. >> across the region, concerns about the effects of the arab spring. >> yeah. pretty much every country that has gone through these uprisings is a case of uncertainty at best. outright chaos at worst. outside of the civil war in syria the main concern right now is north africa. libya, algeria where we had the recent hostage taking and deaths of americans. mali where the french are fighting islamist extremists. according to professor burns, this sort of instability could go on for a very long time. >> it may be we don't see the future map of the middle east. it doesn't reveal itself for another 10 or 20 years. this this is so deeply rooted. >> chaos possibly for many years to come. the one thing we know for su
Jan 28, 2013 9:00am PST
taste this soup. >>> as deadly protests in egypt continue for a fifth day mohammed morsi has declared a state of emergency and a curfew for three cities engulfed in violence giving the police authority to make arrests at will in an erie reminder of the mubarak ear wra. the protests began last thursday just before the second anniversary of the uprising that brought morsi to power and the intensified after a court sentenced 21 soccer fans to death for their role in a riot last year. nearly 50 people have died since the protests began. joining us now from cairo is nbc news foreign correspondent ahman mojadin. this is obviously want the first time there's been a state of emergency called since president morsi has taken power. what's your read on the situation? is this exetch lear of greater unrest inside the country? >> really it's a highlight of two important things. one, the security vacuum that now exists in egypt, but more importantly, the political climate that has this country divided. it's important to emphasize that since the revolution, police have really struggled to gain securi
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